Adam Tracy Explains BVI Hedge Fund Registration

Adam Tracy Explains BVI Hedge Fund Registration

TRANSCRIBED FROM:   We talked about the BVIs before in a very general sense, but following up and talking about the BVI. Less as a asset protection locale and more of a hedge fund domicidal locale. And they have an interesting structure, which I think for crypto funds works really well, given the flexibility … Read more

Adam S. Tracy Explains FinCEN’s Regulation of Cryptocurrency

Adam S. Tracy Breaks Down FinCEN's Regulation of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency attorney Adam Tracy notes the impact of FinCEN’s regulating crypto on traders, exchanges, and OTC coin dealers. As a cryptocurrency consultant, he reviews what FinCEN considers users, exchangers, and administrators. Contact cryptocurrency lawyer Adam Tracy to discuss your business.

Adam Tracy Explains Civil Asset Forfeiture & Cryptocurrency

Civil Asset Forfeiture Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency lawyer Adam Tracy looks at civil asset forfeitures in crypto exchanges. As a cryptocurrency attorney, he explains that civil asset forfeiture cases by law must meet a much lower standard than criminal proceedings. Contact cryptocurrency consultant Adam Tracy to discuss your business.

Adam Tracy Discusses Managed Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency attorney Adam S. Tracy offers guidance on managed crypto wallets.

Transcribed from: TRANSCRIPTION: So manage wallets, you know, you get that phrase — kind of new thing — where individuals want to effectively give another party control of their wallet, and then they’ll invest for them. Well, the problem is if you’re doing that you’re probably triggering some licensure requirement. Bitcoin has obviously been a … Read more