Adam Tracy Examines Alternative Trading Systems & Cryptocurrency

Adam Tracy Explains Alternative Trading Systems

Cryptocurrency attorney Adam Tracy explores crypto exchanges and alternative trading systems. As a cryptocurrency lawyer, he discusses why big crypto exchanges won’t list for trading a security token. His solution? An ATS. Contact cryptocurrency consultant Adam Tracy to discuss your business.

Adam Tracy’s Crypto Country Review: Puerto Rico

Adam Tracy Evaluates Puerto Rico as a Cryptocurrency Tax Haven

TRANSCRIBED FROM: Puerto Rico is the new tax haven, and it’s basically part of the United States. Section 933 of the tax code is always provided that income earned by residents of Puerto Rico is not calculable as part of gross income on your taxes. And, Puerto Rico sort of upped the ante with … Read more

Adam S. Tracy Contemplates the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens

Adam S Tracy on the Flawed Simple Agreement for Future Tokens "SAFT"

Cryptocurrency legal expert Adam S. Tracy explains the fundamental flaws associated with the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens “SAFT” and why initial coin offering “ICO” companies should avoid using it. TRANSCRIBED FROM: I would say in about 85% of the ICOs I get, the first question I get is, as part of us, my … Read more