Adam Tracy Contemplates the Initial Coin Offering vs. Regulation A+ Offering Decision

Adam Tracy Contemplates the ICO vs. Reg A+ Offering Decision

Blockchain capital markets expert Adam S. Tracy evaluates the decision between an Initial Coin Offering and Regulation A+ offering, the advantages and disadvantages of each fundraising method Transcribed from: Adam Tracy: So the the IPO versus ICO decision, coming up more and more now that you get more traditional finance industry types looking at cryptocurrency. … Read more

Adam Tracy Discusses Cryptocurrency Copy Trading & Managed Crypto Wallets

Adam Tracy Discusses Copy Trading & Managed Crypto Wallets

TRANSCRIBED FROM: Copy trading is big. It’s always been big in Forex and it’s getting incrementally bigger in crypto, and what copy trading is, is where an experienced trader gains access to a platform and the client allocates certain amounts of his or her account and those trades are made automatically. They just basically … Read more