Adam Tracy Explains the White v. Square Case

Adam Tracy on Cryptocurrency Banking & the White v. Square Case

Cryptocurrency legal expert Adam S. Tracy explains the difficulties of cryptocurrency banking and the potential impact of the White v. Square legal case on availability of banking for crypto-based companies. TRANSCRIBED FROM: So I have like a thought — really more than a statement. There’s a case that’s emanating out of California. And it’s … Read more

Adam Tracy Reviews Estonia as the Cryptocurrency Capital

Adam Tracy's Crypto Country Review - Estonia

Cryptocurrency consultant Adam Tracy recommends against incorporating your crypto-based business in Estonia. As a cryptocurrency lawyer, he points out its regulating exchanges, low transaction limits for ID, ICOs, and more. Contact cryptocurrency attorney Adam Tracy to discuss your business.

Adam S. Tracy Discusses the Bermuda Digital Asset Business Act

Bermuda Digital Asset Business Act

TRANSCRIBED FROM: So, Bermuda has been making some noise lately in the crypto space because of the Digital Asset Business Act. But before we get to that, is Bermuda even a relevant place to incorporate a crypto company? The answer is probably, right? You’ll find that most … Not most, but a great deal … Read more