Antigua’s Citizenship by Investment Program


So Antigua is a very interesting place, especially if you’re in certain high-risk industries. Crypto, gaming and payments are three particular areas where Antigua either has no regulation or very lax regulation. And it’s a bit piratey, but it’s also a great business environment, especially for those three areas.

So what I’ve seen in my practice is that a lot of individuals are looking to move down there, and luckily for them, Antigua offers a second passport or economic citizenship program. And that economic citizenship program contemplates either an investment of 125,000 flat fee, or an investment in real estate of 400,000, which when compared to real estate prices here in the US, it’s a fairly even exchange when you think about it. And that citizenship is flexible unlike Puerto Rico which requires you to, in order to avail yourself of the tax neutrality or the low tax rate that is being offered currently in Puerto Rico, you have to live there at least half the year. Antigua doesn’t require any amount of living, any amount of time on the Island, although you’d be best served perhaps by doing so because of the tax neutrality that you’ll find down there. More over, you don’t have to renounce citizenship as a US resident or a US citizen. Obviously there’s a lot that goes into renouncing citizenship, very difficult.

The Antiguan passport allows visa free traveling to the overall majority of nations, US excluded. But with your US passport you really wouldn’t need it. It’s an interesting option, right? And it’s an interesting option really because of the business climate there that’s really been fostered over a couple of years in terms of especially the high risk payments and cryptocurrency related activities. So definitely reach out to me if you have any questions. We’re currently working with a couple families on second passport projects in Antigua and elsewhere. I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have. Adam@AdamTracy, T-R-A-C-Y .io. And I will talk to you later.

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