Crypto Predictive Analysis for the Week of May 15, 2022 – Eating My Feelings

A huge move lower from $69,000 in November 2021 to around $24,300 in May 2022 in Bitcoin’s (BTC) price has resulted in a sell-off turmoil across the crypto market. Unfortunately, the bearish sentiment has not even spared stablecoins, so-called crypto equivalents of the U.S. dollar, which have been unable to stay as “stable” as they … Read more

Memecoin Predictive Analysis for May 11, 2022 – “You can either surf, or you can fight!”

The general crypto market has followed suit with significant losses that have led the market worth to go below $1.46 trillion. Investors and analysts are divided on whether it is the start of a prolonged bear trend or a temporary dip as Bitcoin continues a downtrend. LUNA, which depends on TerraUSD, dived from $87 to … Read more

Crypto Predictive Analysis for the Week of May 8, 2022 – Bat Country

Bitcoin and all other crypto are still trending downwards while fear surrounding the global macroeconomic environment escalates. Losses could accelerate as cryptocurrencies appear to breach vital demand zones. Many traders and investors are at a great loss right now. The market fear and greed index is now in extreme fear. The negative sentiment is being fueled by massive liquidation volume, which now sits at almost $300 million.

Memecoin Predictive Analysis for May 4, 2022 – That Escalated Quickly

The Crypto market is in a strong correction, Bitcoin (BTC) is aiming to hold above $37,000 levels. The correction that occurred during the weekend to till now has made a lot of cryptocurrency prices go down and especially the meme coins. A lot of meme coin prices have gone down by 30%, 40%, and 50%. … Read more

Crypto Predictive Analysis for the Week of May 1, 2022 – Slide Away

The crypto market has suffered a great liquidation as the market takes a downtrend. While the crypto economy shed billions this week, the total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance protocols slipped under the $200 billion range to $196.6 billion.  The TVL in defi lost roughly 3.16% during the last day, and the $592 billion … Read more

Memecoin Predictive Analysis for April 27, 2022 – Party Like its 1999 (Prices)

itcoin bulls are attempting to reclaim the $40,000 level and if this happens, memecoins will also rally up from their previous position. The bearishness that the market displayed last week has made a lot of traders fearful, the fear and greed index is in the fear zone. Would this week push the price of bitcoin rally to $43,000 or there is going to be a leg down to the $37,000 support zone?