Adam Tracy Discusses Managed Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency attorney Adam S. Tracy offers guidance on managed crypto wallets.

Transcribed from: TRANSCRIPTION: So manage wallets, you know, you get that phrase — kind of new thing — where individuals want to effectively give another party control of their wallet, and then they’ll invest for them. Well, the problem is if you’re doing that you’re probably triggering some licensure requirement. Bitcoin has obviously been a … Read more

Adam Tracy Contemplates the Initial Coin Offering vs. Regulation A+ Offering Decision

Adam Tracy Contemplates the ICO vs. Reg A+ Offering Decision

Blockchain capital markets expert Adam S. Tracy evaluates the decision between an Initial Coin Offering and Regulation A+ offering, the advantages and disadvantages of each fundraising method Transcribed from: Adam Tracy: So the the IPO versus ICO decision, coming up more and more now that you get more traditional finance industry types looking at cryptocurrency. … Read more

Adam Tracy Discusses Cryptocurrency Copy Trading & Managed Crypto Wallets

Adam Tracy Discusses Copy Trading & Managed Crypto Wallets

TRANSCRIBED FROM: Copy trading is big. It’s always been big in Forex and it’s getting incrementally bigger in crypto, and what copy trading is, is where an experienced trader gains access to a platform and the client allocates certain amounts of his or her account and those trades are made automatically. They just basically … Read more

Adam Tracy on Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds & Investment Company Act Compliance

Adam Tracy on Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds & Investment Company Act Compliance

Transcribed from: “There are an abundance of crypto funds out there, and many of them aren’t complying with the Investment Company Act. And, there are two main exemptions from the Investment Company Act 3: the 3C1 Fund and the 3C7 Fund. A 3C1 Fund limits you a 100 owners, right? So think of a … Read more

The Legalities of Paid Initial Coin Offering Promotions

Adam Tracy Cautions Paid Initial Coin Offering Promoters

Transcribed from: “So the SEC recently came down on boxer, Floyd Mayweather, and rapper, DJ Khaled, over their promotion of an ICO that turned out to be fraudulent. And it’s a good lesson for a lot of crypto influencers, if you want call them that, social media stars, and the like because the end … Read more

Adam Tracy Explains Initial Exchange Offerings

Adam Tracy Explains Initial Exchange Offerings

Transcribed from “So the initial exchange offering, right? It’s new and I like it. You know, what you have is an ICO that takes place through an exchange much like an IPO. And I think that’s actually a good start, and I like it for its redundancy for couple reasons:” “1) You know that … Read more