Crowdfunding consultant Adam Tracy has advised and assisted entities of all stages raise over $200 million in crowd-sourced offerings through a diverse and innovative array of capital markets solutions and expansive global investor network.


— Services

Creative Solutions

When it comes to creating services and executing what your business needs, we can handle anything. In fact, we customize our crowdfunding solutions to meet all of your requirements and assure that your capital raise is a success. This means pre-launch marketing, online advertising, email marketing, content creation, securities tokenization, crowdfunding portal identification, and much more.

— What you’re getting

Let’s take a closer look at what you’re getting:

Crowdfunding Pre-Launch

Your campaigns are going to be extremely important and having the right content is a huge part of being successful. That’s where we come in because we can help you get ready for the day your projects launch on your favorite platform.


Giveaways, conversion rate optimization, Facebook ads, landing page creation, AB testing, Referral competitions, Twitter ads, Google ads

Crowdfunding Email Marketing

Getting a lot of leads is an important step in the process of getting your name and project in front of as many people as possible. That’s why we help you understand the data and create a campaign that really works, including telling you all about the email options and the way to improve your return on investment with your email budget.


Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Google ads, e-mail marketing, tracking & reporting

Crowdfunding Web Development

Don’t skimp out on your crowdfunding page because it’s going to be a huge part of making your project a success. We can help you with the creation of your page to make sure it’s fully optimized. Whether you need a little bit of help or someone to take full control for you.


Copywriting, branding, perk-planning, design, consulting

Kickstarter Boost

You may find in the middle of your Kickstarter campaign that you need a little more help to get more traffic, optimize your page, and more. Well, we can help with all of that. We can help you with your online marketing and your strategy or just improve your ROI.


Google ads, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, analytics, PR, retargeting, reporting

Indiegogo Boost

Your Indiegogo campaign or even a InDemand IGG campaign is important to your launch. We’ll make sure that you have the best possible marketing strategy and that you get the best ROI possible for each of these campaigns. Plus, we can help improve campaigns that are already live to give you a better chance at success.


Twitter ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, retargeting, reporting, analytics, PR

Data Tracking & Reporting

All that data can be difficult to understand and difficult to follow along with. But we can help you with the process. We help you understand all of the data that’s collected and make sure you can make the right decisions along the way using that data. We also help you develop a marketing plan based on the data collected.


Geo analysis, demographic analysis, behavioral analysis, revenue analysis, sources of traffic analysis


Crowdfunding can be a complex process and not everyone can take care of it 100% on their own. But if you’re interested in doing most of the work yourself we can still assist by offering consulting services. This service gives you the best of our advice and in only the areas where you want it.


Market research, marketing strategy, planning, setup, ad copy

Product Market Fit Test

You want to make sure that your product is a good fit for the market. We can help you understand what you’re getting into. We can also help you take on that huge financial commitment a whole lot easier, without the worry.


landing page building, social media marketing tests, email marketing, customer feedback surveys

— Clients

Representative Clients

Every crowdfunding campaign requires a trusted capital markets expert to structure and execute. Adam Tracy is a veteran of countless crowdfunding offerings with a demonstrated track record of success. 

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Growth hacker Adam Tracy and the professionals of Blockrunner, LLC stand ready to help accelerate your banking, blockchain, cryptocurrency or payments venture.