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Legal Consulting Services

The advancement of technology has most certainly made a difference in the world in a number of ways, and one of those ways is through mobile devices.


Legal Consulting Services

And as a side effect of that mobile device surge, ‘smart cities’ of network development policies have become even more important. The Internet of Things has also been a major part of this, with businesses and enterprises developing even more as a result. But there are a number of problems that occur through the course of the Internet of Things the different options that are coming about in the way of network industries. Some of these are cross-border law, information security, and taxation.

We have carried out extensive research to determine everything that our clients need to know when it comes to each of these areas. And then we offer an integrated approach for assessment and analysis. That way, you get everything you need related to information security, technical support, tax, and more related to network information, security management, and auditing. Our team even offers management and consultation services for all of these areas and more.


You’ll Get

  • Legal risk analysis and management consultation related to online trading
  • Drafting for code of conduct or contracts related to internet trading as well as user terms related to intellectual property rights and personal information
  • Personal data protection management and any counseling or certification related
  • Trade secret management and consultation
  • Applications for patent, trademark, intellectual property, and more, including legal consultation for the establishment of each
  • Legal consultation for maintaining copyrights, portrait rights, trademarks, and patent rights
  • Consultation related to national information security laws and requirements
  • Legal consultation for Fair Trade Act and unfair competition that may be connected with online trading.
  • Consultation related to digital forensics


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  • Represented one of world’s top five largest cryptocurrencies
  • Advised multiple crypto exchanges on licensure and money service business registration
  • Developed and structured compliant marketing programs for over 25 ICOs
  • Obtained cryptocurrency licenses in ten foreign jurisdictions
  • Developed and structured multiple compliant STOs.