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DLT/Blockchain Consulting

Our team can offer you the technology solutions you need to improve the efficiency, transparency, settlement processing and risk of the latest tech solutions. Not only that, but we are the leader in broker-dealers and registered investment advising when it comes to the Fintech startup.


DLT/Blockchain Consulting

We take care of it all:

  • Training
  • Testing
  • Developing scope including budget
  • Maintenance
  • Assembling the team and supervising
  • Developing procedures and policies
  • Implementation
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

Distributed Ledger Technology

One of the biggest benefits to DLT is the fact that it creates a decentralized, completely unchangeable and completely programmable solution to ensure the success and transparency of financial industry transactions. In fact, the records are completely transparent and they are practically incapable of manipulation. This makes for an extremely successful system and one that is the best in the industry.
New ledgers are constantly being produced that can make the process even more efficient and even decrease the margin of error further, which allows for better results for those within the industry.

Add in the fact that transaction details are becoming more and more secure and you can see why DLT continues to become the best option for regulatory recordkeeping.
By implementing this type of solutions for yourself you can reap these benefits, but only if you utilize a system that meets all regulatory compliance standards. That’s where our team can come in.


The blockchain provides you with completely secure, completely accurate, and real-time settlements for all financial transactions. Even more, it offers immediate settlement for those transactions and that settlement is marked in the ledger. There is no third-party required to process or settle the transaction and there is no chance of reconciliation error or cyber-attack.
With the blockchain you will typically utilize digital currency and bitcoin because this system is constantly evolving and changing, getting into the idea of data driven, automated technology concepts. It’s changing dramatically, but it’s still relatively simple to implement. The important thing is to make sure that you meet all of the standards and that can make things complicated for new businesses. That’s where we can help you out. We analyze your business model to create a system that utilizes either DLT or blockchain, whichever provides the best options for you.


Smart Contracts

These contracts are immediately enforceable and not only that but they automatically enforce themselves. They use programmable code to create the strict rules and consequences that you would find in a standard contract, however the coding within them allows the contract to enforce itself in a way that a written document cannot. This includes enforcing obligations and penalties.
These contracts can be excellent for transaction settlements that include clearing arrangements and custody of funds. But they are also being used for things like ledger distribution, by working with automated updates and more.

These contracts are still working to become mainstream, but they are most definitely getting there. In fact, in the next few years it’s believed that they will become truly mainstream. Firms that are looking to enter into this space, however, will need to make sure they meet all regulatory compliance as the system may be new, but it is most definitely being monitored closely.

Our team is working to aid startups in DLT, broker dealer and registered investment advising, consulting, and more within not only the DLT but also in blockchain and smart contracts. You’ll be able to get assistance with:

  • Regulatory considerations
  • Procedures-recordkeeping
  • Materiality impact
  • Digital currencies/securities
  • FINRA & SEC registration
  • DLT/smart contracts framework
  • Implementation/testing
  • Governance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Supervision
  • Carrying/clearing
  • Automating actions


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