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Growth  Hacker & Risk Consultant To Businesses In High Risk Industries.

Have a question for Adam Tracy?

Where are you based?
Adam Tracy’s base of operations is located in Los Angeles, California.
What markets do you serve?
Adam S. Tracy offers a global reach, with a local feel. While a small majority of his clients are located within North America, he routinely partners and works with clients from across the globe – including the European Union, South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia.
Do you work with banks that accept cryptocurrency related businesses?
Yes, I work with a number of banks that will accept blockchain projects and cryptocurrency related businesses. These banks can be found in the United States, European Union, Asia and Caribbean.
Do you have relationships with any payment service providers that accept crypto business?
Yes, I currently work with a number of payment service providers that will accept cryptocurrency-related businesses including Initial Coin Offerings and Security Token Offerings.
I am launching an ICO in the U.S.: must I register as a Money Service Business?
The short answer is yes, promoters of Initial Coin Offerings, Initial Exchange Offerings and Security Token Offerings must register with U.S. FinCEN as a Money Service Business
I want to obtain a Digital Asset Business License in Bermuda; can you help?
Of course. We have advised multiple companies seeking to acquire a Digital Asset Business License in Bermuda.
I must register as a Money Service Business; do you offer that service?
Yes, I have registered over 50 Money Service Businesses with U.S. FinCEN and can also provide you with the requisite policies/procedures as well as ongoing compliance.
I want to accept fiat currency as part of my crypto exchange, what licenses do I require in the US?
In order to accept fiat currency as part of a cryptocurrency exchange, not only would one have to register as a Money Service Business, but one would also have to obtain Money Transmitter licenses in the respective states of operation.
In what jurisdictions can I obtain a banking license?
In theory, any jurisdiction. In practice, however, the process is much different. Dominica, St. Vincent, Puerto Rico and Vanuatu are common jurisdictions with cost effective frameworks. However, there are a multitude of other jurisdictions, including state-chartered US banks that are feasible depending on one’s capitalization.
Are you active in the remittance space?
Yes, I advise a number of remittance providers on a wide range of compliance and operational matters, including license matters.