Financial Licensing

Contemporary digital technologies are swiftly infiltrating every facet of our lives, and the realm of finance is no exception. The demand for swift responses and rapid transactions in cross-border business has led to traditional banking institutions losing ground to the fintech sector. In numerous countries, legislation has failed to keep up with the dynamic landscape of digital finance. Startups operating in this domain often grapple with regulatory challenges and a sense of uncertainty. Consequently, having a fintech specialist on the team is imperative for such companies.

Over the years, within our dynamic partner ecosystem, we have successfully navigated the often complex and amorphous regulatory landscape to assist clients obtain financial licenses across a wide range of verticals. In each client engagement, we leverage our extensive global network of accounting and legal professionals, payment institutions, banks, and governmental organizations to ensure that our clients can legally operate in compliance with local requirements.

Blockrunner was founded upon the extensive experience and practical knowledge of financial technology. Our professionals not only actively participate in significant global events and seminars but also boast top-tier university credentials. Moreover, our team are themselves serial entrepreneurs who have obtained invaluable real-world experience as operations, marketing and compliance professionals.

Financial Licensing


Areas of Expertise

Blockrunner assist clients with obtaining financial licenses in over fifty (50) jurisdictions in the following verticals:


Asset Management




Digital Assets






— Licensing

Licensing Services

1. Selecting the Optimal Jurisdiction and License

In order to acquire a financial license, the initial step involves identifying the licensing jurisdiction aligning most effectively with your business objectives. Blockrunner will provide guidance on the most appropriate jurisdiction and license for your specific needs. Our team of experts will furnish you with comprehensive license requirements, encompassing criteria such as paid-up capital prerequisites, local economic substance conditions, projected timelines, and procedural details, well in advance of the engagement commencement.

2. Company Incorporation

Blockrunner will initiate due diligence procedures concerning the company’s directors and shareholders. Once we have gathered all Know Your Customer (KYC) credentials, incorporation forms, and power of attorney documents, we will initiate the official registration of your corporate entity in the licensing jurisdiction.

3. Establishment of a Corporate Bank Account

Blockrunner will facilitate the establishment of a corporate bank account in collaboration with a reputable financial institution. This bank account will serve as the repository for the minimum paid-up capital required to secure the desired license.

4. Drafting of Corporate and Essential Documentation

The cross functional team at Blockrunner will meticulously draft the requisite documentation essential for the licensing application. Depending on local requirements, these documents will include a business plan and financial projections, numerous AML and KYC related policies and procedures, and application documents.

5. Fulfilling Local Economic Substance Requirements

Leveraging its extensive network, Blockrunner will facilitate the recruitment of qualified local directors and employees. Moreover, our team and partners will identify suitable physical locations to meet licensing requirements. In each instance, we work closely with our client to identify the most ideal solutions balancing clients needs and cost considerations.

6. Submission of License Application

Upon the completion of the aforementioned steps, Blockrunner will submit the license application to the local regulatory authority. Once submitted, our team will interact with the local regulator and respond to any inquiries concerning the licensing application. Once the license is approved and issued, our team will remain in regular contact with the client to respond to any ongoing questions regarding the scope and applicability of the license.

7. Identifying Financial Partners

Blockrunner holds relationships with over one hundred banks, payment providers and payment processors that offer a necessary element for launching operations. Our team will identify the ideal financial partners in conjunction with our client and then facilitate the necessary account openings or partnerships.

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