Memecoin Predictive Analysis for June 16, 2022 – They Reminisce Over You

On Monday, the overall value of the cryptocurrency market had for the first time dropped below the $1 trillion level, reaching $926 billion. As early as November of last year, this metric equaled $2.9 trillion. Major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as the other top 10 coins and crypto beyond that list, lost a … Read more

Memecoin Predictive Analysis for May 4, 2022 – That Escalated Quickly

The Crypto market is in a strong correction, Bitcoin (BTC) is aiming to hold above $37,000 levels. The correction that occurred during the weekend to till now has made a lot of cryptocurrency prices go down and especially the meme coins. A lot of meme coin prices have gone down by 30%, 40%, and 50%. … Read more