BIN Sponsorshipt

BIN Sponsorship Explained

BIN sponsorship refers to a type of arrangement in the payment card industry where a financial institution or a payment processor provides a unique Bank Identification Number (BIN) to a third-party payment service provider. This allows the payment service provider to issue payment cards under their own brand using the BIN provided by the sponsor.

The BIN is the first six digits of a payment card number that identifies the issuing bank or financial institution. By using a sponsor’s BIN, the payment service provider can avoid the lengthy and expensive process of obtaining their own BIN from card networks such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

BIN sponsorship enables payment service providers to offer their own payment solutions to customers, including physical cards, virtual cards, and mobile payments. The sponsor is responsible for providing the necessary infrastructure, compliance, and support services for the payment service provider to operate under their BIN.

In exchange for the sponsorship, the payment service provider typically pays the sponsor a fee, which may include a percentage of the transaction volume or a fixed fee per card issued. BIN sponsorship can be a cost-effective way for payment service providers to enter the market and offer their own payment solutions without the need for significant upfront investment.

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