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Adam S. Tracy is a seasoned growth hacker, startup advisor and risk consultant focusing exclusively on the capital, compliance, legal and operational requirements of businesses operating in traditional blockchain-related industries. Unlike traditional law firms, management consultants or technology consulting firms, he creates wholistic, risk-based solutions that enhance the core of each business and business process. With over twenty years of cross-disciplinary experience in high risk industries including blockchain, payments and digital marketing, Adam Tracy is unique among his peers and applies his proprietary “Pre-Event Driven” strategy to maximize outcomes in every client engagement.


Growth Hacker Adam S. Tracy is a Consultant to a Wide Range of Blockchain Projects, including:


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Algorithmic Stablecoins | Function & Regulation

As the regulation of traditional asset-backed stablecoins continues to be debated, algorithmic stablecoins have largely been ignored. Moreover, the functionality and nature of such stablecoins do not inherently fit well into the contemplated regulatory structure.

Yield Farming Regulation | DeFI Gray Area

Yield Farming gained massive popularity as the DeFi landscape evolved. However, due to an utter lack of regulatory certainty, many Yield Farming platforms have either shuttered or faced regulatory action. Adam Tracy tries to decipher potential areas of future regulatory enforcement.

Liquidity Pool Regulation | Changes on the Horizon

Liquidity Pools are an essential element of the DeFI landscape. Without the intervention of Liquidity Pools most Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) would not have adequate liquidity with which to remain viable trading platforms. However, as with most elements of DeFI, there is little to no regulation of these vehicles.

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Adam Tracy works with partners in a wide range of blockchain, cryptocurrency and payments industry segments.


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